“The Gray Man” surpasses expectations

Always stay on the lookout for the Gray Man. “The Gray Man,” Netflix’s fifth-best movie debut, is an action and thriller film. The movie was directed by The Russo Brothers and released onto Netflix in July 2022. “The Gray Man” is about two hours long and it is full of mystery and thrill.
This film stars award-winning actors, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Gosling portrays the CIA’s most skilled operative, Six, and Evans plays a psychopathic former colleague of Six, Lloyd Hansen.

Six is a secret agent spy. Throughout the film, he runs for his life from his enemy who put a bounty on his head, while accidentally uncovering federal secrets. Six travels across 10 countries during his runaway, all while holding possession of something extremely valuable to his rivals.

One of the best parts of the movie was the mixing of humor with thrill which held the viewers’ full attention. The fighting scenes, were very intense and well-filmed, which made the film more exciting. Something opposite than what a viewer expected occurred, that created thrilling fight scenes. The details within the fights were thoroughly thought through by the choreographers.

There are many plot twists in the movie that completely blew my mind. A good example of this is when one of the main characters died at the end of the film.

The film is very emotionally impactful, which is a big reason why it left such a lasting impression on me. A scene that exemplifies the intense emotions is when Six offers his life to save Claire, a child he promised to look after. However, if Six goes down, the CIA would go down too.