“Patch Adams” is an All Around Fun and Well Done Movie

“Patch Adams” is a great example of how to do a comedy/drama film. Robin Willams, playing Hunter Adams, is wonderful in most movies that he acts in. He is a terrific actor and is known for playing many humorous and thoughtful roles.

“Patch Adams” starts with the main character, Hunter Adams, admitting himself to a mental institution because of his attempted suicide. During his time at the institution, he meets people with all sorts of mental illnesses who he shares his day with. At the institution, there was a patient who was called a failed genius. Despite this, Adams wants to go and talk with him. Adams notices that the man’s cup is leaking and patches it. Because of this kind act the “failed genius” gives Adams some scholarly advice, by showing him how to focus on the solution instead of the problem. The situation moves Adams so much that he decides to have his new name be Patch to carry the moment with him.

During his time at the mental institution, Adams learned he has a passion for helping people. He believes that you need to treat not only the illness, but the patient. The story then cuts two years in the future, and shows Patch going to the VCU School of Medicine and shows his reluctance to follow the tradition of typical medical practices. He is further inspired when he goes into the children’s wing of the hospital and makes an effort to have them laugh to forget about their pain for just a moment.

The unorthodox way of conducting medicine makes the Dean of the school uneasy and on multiple occasions, he tells Patch to never step foot in the hospital again. Patch does not comply and gets kicked out of the school, but appeals the expulsion by trial and his name is cleared.

This movie was special because of the writing of the characters and the interesting inclusion of comedy. In most comedy movies, there will be a character whose sole personality is centered around one type of joke. When characters are overspecialized and only given one area to thrive in, it severely limits the options for what the character can do. “Patch Adams” avoids this by having the characters feel like people, in the sense that they joke in different ways with different people. This gives a sense of authenticity to the movie and the characters around Patch.

This movie is not the apex of all comedy/drama films. I found this movie entertaining and touching at times. I wouldn’t watch this movie again, although I did enjoy it. “Patch Adams” is a good watch and I would recommend it if you want a solid comedy/drama film; but, don’t go into this movie expecting a perfect film.