Gone, But Not Forgotten



An album cover expressing his form of music and the battle with himself.

Elijah Banks, Contributor

Despite the recent death of a great artist Malcolm James McCormick, also known as Mac Miller, his music still floats to the surface of the hip-hop world, proving the point that you may be gone, but not forgotten.

In Mac Miller’s new album, “Circles,” you notice that none of his songs are typical rap. Instead, this album goes into the very popular and widely enjoyed, Lo-fi music. For those that don’t know what this genre is, it’s music with a low quality. Now when I say low quality, I don’t mean that it sounds bad, but the music is slightly distorted, almost like your underwater. It’s not typical party music, but more of a relaxed type of music. It is great to vibe with, and that’s what “Circles” is filled with.

You won’t hear Mac Miller spitting bars straight out of a rhyme book or freestyling over a hardstyle beat. But instead, you’ll hear slow beats, a nice melody and Mac singing. There are some exceptions with two or three of his songs having more of an upbeat atmosphere. However, the majority of this album is filled with chill music that’s very mellow.

I would definitely recommend listening to Miller’s music. I know not everyone enjoys Lo-fi, but there is something for everyone in his music. If you ever find yourself looking for new music, give it a try. you’ll find something you’re looking for I’m sure. Overall, it’s a great album. Rest in peace Mac Miller.