Marching band returns for Friday night lights

After COVID-19 disrupted last year’s season the band was back in session with football halftime shows


Bryce Frost

The marching band performs the “Phineas & Ferb do a Half-time Show” in September.

Bryce Frost, Staff

The marching band is back and ready to finish off the season with a bang. This year the band is making up for lost time due to COVID-19 and shifting back to old traditions.
“This year we were able to partake in a camp. We are able to have our normal practice times and even have a few competitions,” said senior Drum Major Mae Pletch.
During the home varsity football games this year, the band performed “Phineas & Ferb do a Half-time Show.” With at least 25 members, the marching band is filled with people dedicated to succeeding together.
“The best part of marching band is the people you’ll meet and the friendships you’ll make. I’ve met some pretty rad people in my four years,” said Pletch.
However, with COVID-19, “the real effects have been felt this year as we’ve lost a lot of the foundational knowledge
that the sophomores should’ve gotten freshman year,” said Brass Captain Ethan Homenik.
The marching band is student-led and each section has captains that help the band reach its highest potential. Marching band is open to anyone,“experience playing or reading music is heavily recommended but not required. If anyone is even remotely interested, we can find something for them,” said Homenik.
Those interested in joining the 2022-23 season should contact band director, Andrew Paul via email at [email protected].