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Upcoming Fashion Trends for Fall 2023

Provided by Grace Jones
Senior Grace Jones poses in Old Town Warrenton in her cozy fall attire.

As the warmer weather is disappearing, the colder days are upon us. The leaves are starting to change their physical appearance, just like we will change ours to fit the upcoming fall weather. This year’s fall clothing trends still consist of the same cozy attire of years past, but it also consists of some bolder statements.

The first popular item this year is off the shoulder silhouettes. Off the shoulder silhouettes were very trendy in years past but somewhat dissipated throughout the years. But, this year they are back and ready to make a statement! These shirts are best for when the weather is too hot for turtlenecks or sweaters but too cold for short sleeves. Off the shoulder silhouettes are flattering on everyone. They can be paired with jeans or a skirt. There are even off the shoulder dresses that are very cute too! Off the shoulder sweaters with a wide fold is considered the most fashionable top for this fall according to Brunette from Wall Street, a blog run by fashion trend analyst, Veronika Lipar.

Another fashion trend coming up this year is the color red. Now, this isn’t necessarily an item of clothing, but it still ties into all things fashion and it’s about to be big. Usually, red is a popular color, but we are used to the dark, rich version. This year a brighter, bolder red will be trendy. Some may go for the monochromatic look while others may have a staple piece with that pop of red. A great way to style this cherry hue would be a bag or even a cute blouse. Any way you choose to style this fun color will definitely be trendy this fall.

This next item has been pretty popular for a while now, but it won’t fail to continue to be trendy this fall. Maxi dresses or skirts are a part of this year’s fall attire. This unique article of clothing is extremely easy to style. Instead of grabbing your favorite pair of jeans to go with a blouse or sweater, grab a fun maxi skirt to spice up your look. This elegant piece was very popular in the 90s and has made its way back along with other older items. Maxi dresses or skirts can be worn for any occasion. Whether you are going to a pumpkin patch or a fancy dinner, maxi dresses or skirts will be perfect for the fall and winter weather!

The last trendy item I have for you are the classics. Sweaters, jeans, boots, leggings and more are still very popular. You can never go wrong with the classics. This year is about elevating these fall items. Like said before, adding brighter colors can completely change the look. You could also add accessories like: layering necklaces, adding a scarf or a fun pair of earrings. Whether you want to elevate the classics or keep it simple, the original fall look will still be very popular.

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Clara Compton
Clara Compton, Managing Editor
Hi there! My name is Clara Compton and I’m a junior here at FHS. This is my second year working with The Falconer. Writing and reading are two of my favorite things to do, so I’m excited to be involved with journalism! I love traveling with my family and hanging out with friends. I value spending quality time with the people I love. I love listening to music and finding new artists to listen to. I’m looking forward to face new challenges that journalism will bring in the next year!
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