Anime In Action


Caden Nelson

Anime Club meets in room 602 every Friday with advisor Kathleen Fowler.

FHS’ Anime Club was started in the 2004-2005 school year by Latin teacher and avid anime fan Kathleen Fowler.
Anime club meets every Friday in Fowler’s room, 602 in the Cube. Watching anime is not the only focus of this club. Activities such as video game days, mascot contests, costume contests, k-pop and j-pop days and karaoke all happen.
Anime club celebrates “Valentine’s Day and White Chocolate Day, which is a Japanese holiday,” said Anime Club Officer Brianna Yeatman.
The main goal of the club is “for everyone to have fun and build a community where everyone feels welcome and nobody is judged for what they like. We just like to have everyone come together and have fun and watch anime,” said Yeatman.
Fowler says she became the sponsor because she’s “a huge fan of anime anyway, so when the art students who were doing anime club during our club time. I said ‘I’ll do it!’ I knew some of the kids already, so, as I enjoy anime as it is, I thought why not have a place where people can come and have fun,” said Fowler.
Anime Club has ranged in sizes over the years but Fowler does what she can to keep the club alive.“It makes my Fridays. I love when everyone comes after school and gets together and gets to enjoy themselves and get to know each other,” said Fowler.
The main point the club wants to get across is that “everyone is welcome. You don’t have to have watched anime before, it’s just if you want to come and try it and be a part of our group,” said Yeatman.
Students involved in the club enjoy the atmosphere and the projects that the club does.