FCPS1 Quarantine

The COVID-19 quarantine policies apply to those at all county schools


FCPS1 FCPS1 provided this graphic at the beginning of the year.

Catherine Arellano, Staff

In the event of a COVID case within the school, contact tracing will be done to quarantine students and staff who have been exposed. While each school’s situation may vary slightly they are all following an FCPS1 protocol.
Quarantine procedures have been put in place by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). Vaccination status, mask-wearing, time and proximity are the deciding factors in determining whether or not a person needs to quarantine.
Students who are quarantined are expected to stay at home for 10 days. If a student is quarantined, their teachers can make a link available for the student to join class for the first 15-40 minutes of class.
Quarantined students who develop symptoms of COVID should be tested and isolated until they receive the test results. According to the FCPS1 reopening website, “If a student does not have symptoms, quarantine may end after ten days or immediately upon receiving a negative result from a PCR or Antigen (rapid) test administered on day five or later from the date of exposure.
The school will require written documentation of the negative test (name, date, facility) in order for the student to return prior to ten days.”