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Glascock Confirmed as New Assistant Principal

Ali Patusky
New Assistant Principal Robert Glascock proudly poses for a photo during a class change.

Robert Glascock’s new role as assistant principal of FHS follows 40 years of experience with FCPS, during which he’s held more than three different positions and worked at every school he attended himself. Glascock is a graduate of Claude Thompson Elementary, Marshall Middle School and Fauquier High School, and has 18 years of experience as the Assistant Athletic Director and Physical Education Department Head at FHS. His new position holds much familiarity– he’s still known as “Coach” to most around the school.

The position of assistant principal was open to application by any qualified person in the county with an endorsement in secondary administration. Glascock was motivated to apply because it was “something new” and because of his desire to “help,” saying, “My view on it is I can’t sit back and complain about how things are done unless I want to be part of the solution, so I want[ed] to step up and help out.”

Glascock was appointed to the position in mid-November, and since then he’s been “on the go,” supervising and helping teachers; managing students with last names A-F, W and Z; and dealing with tardies and cuts, ensuring that students are where they are “supposed to be.”

Despite the position presenting new challenges, Glascock’s past attendance as a student and 18 years working at FHS have aided his transition, particularly because of the relationships he’s built during that time.

He describes this valuable experience, saying, “Being able to communicate what you want with the students, being able to talk to them…I know a lot of the students, I know a lot of the staff, I know the hiding spots, I know where the kids like to congregate…I’ve already had relationships with people in the building, so that’s helped tremendously.”

Engaging with this community also happens to be his favorite part of being assistant principal. “Favorite part of the job [is] going around and visiting everyone. I like to stick my head in the door, say ‘hey, anything I can do for you, how you doing,’” he says.

Regarding his future plans, Glascock remains flexible. He currently holds an interim position, and, after this school year, it could become a full-time position, or he could retire.

But, for now, FHS’ new Assistant Principal simply hopes to support the students and staff members, saying, “I just want to be there to help wherever Mr. Raines needs me and to do whatever teachers need me to do. I just want to be part of the solution, not the problem.”

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