What to Expect as FCPS Schools Reopening


Hayley Ponn

Students all over Fauquier County have been working virtually, but on November 9 some students will be returning to in-person, classroom, instruction.

Monday, November 2, will be a synchronous instructional day. November 3 is election day and a school holiday. November 4-6 will be asynchronous days. Starting on November 9 school days will be in a hybrid AA/BB schedule. Superintendent David Jeck has confirmed that students using school provided technology and hotspots will still after this date.
The school board is striving to ensure that “learning experiences will be the same” for virtual and hybrid students. The school system is still not at a 1 to 1 student-technology ratio, as the shipment of Chromebooks still has not come in. However they are expected to arrive in late October or early November.
The internet bandwidth of schools has increased from 5GB to 10GB, and internet issues will be dealt with as they arise. “Outside classrooms” with internet connection are available for teachers who would like to go outside with their in-school students and virtual students.
Students who are opting for the hybrid program are asked, with parent permission, to bring their own devices to school, including borrowed FCPS devices. The school board does not want any student to share a device.
The livestream camera for classes are being installed throughout the week of November 2-6. Wide angle live stream cameras will be on moveable tripods, and teachers will have bluetooth headsets. Live streams will be through Google Meet, Blackboard Collaborative or Zoom.
GSuite for Education, Microsoft 365 and Nearpod are being taught to teachers from Instructional Technology Research Teachers (ITRT). In addition, instructional videos are being created for students. Elementary and Middle School instructional videos have already been produced. These programs are intended to enhance the virtual experience.