Fresh and Ready to Impress



Catherine Smith, Staff Reporter

The varsity and junior varsity boys’ lacrosse teams start off the season strong after the loss of multiple players last year. The team looks for ways to get stronger individually and as a team. Lacrosse takes a lot of focus and endurance from all the teams.

Coach Ron Moon explained how the loss of last year’s players affected the team this year. He said 14 to 16 boys did not return, either because they graduated or transferred. This resulted in many open spaces on both JV and varsity.

“We are essentially rebuilding,” Moon said. “When you lose that many players you have to build that talent back up. We were lucky to have such a large freshmen class, who were all very talented at tryouts.”

All the players trying out had skills to impress Moon. This resulted in extra team members, according to Moon. Both JV and varsity have been practicing after school since the beginning of March, preparing for their season.

The varsity team began a new tradition, called the “hard hat ceremony.” Senior Kevin McEachin, a returning player to the team said their coach would pick the player he thinks did best in the game and give them a hard hat. The player with the hard hat from the previous game will pass it onto the next guy after the next game. This tradition is one the team hopes to continue.

JV also started a new tradition, called the chain. Freshman Ethan Polster said every time the team wins a game, another link is added to the chain. The captains will choose a person from the game and that person will keep it until next time.  

Moon said the lacrosse program started 15 years ago and it has come very far from then. McEachin , explained lacrosse was not only a time to workout but also allowed him to spend time with his friends.

The first game took place at Fauquier on March 14 after the cancelation of a scrimmage the week before. The Falcons varsity team won 12-2 against the Liberty Eagles. The JV team tied 4-4.

“It was a great way to start off the season,” McEachin said. “It was the first game, first time on the field as a team. I think it bodes well for the rest of the season.”

The second game of the season was a loss for both teams against Patriot. Varsity’s score was 1-8 and JV lost 7-14. Although many said this wasn’t the strongest game of the season, the players saw it as something to learn from.