Did Spirit Week Meet Expectations?


Sophia Long

Lilly, Sophia Mesick and Zara Atcheson pose for ¨Anything but a backpack¨ day

This year, the SCA came up with new spirit week days. In the past, FHS had recycled the homecoming week themes year after year, so changing them up gave the students a variety. Anything but a Backpack Day, Generation Day and Adam Sandler Day were all new this year.

In an interview with freshman Gabriel Elliston, he said, “Anything but a Backpack Day was my favorite.” FHS students had a lot of creative ideas for Anything but a Backpack Day. Traffic cones, shopping carts, pots and lots of other things were being carried around the school by students. Sophomore Darley Sandoval said, “[Adam Sandler day] is my favorite.” Most students wore oversized shirts, sunglasses, baseball hats, and big basketball shorts in tribute to Adam Sandler.

When questioned about next year’s spirit week, Elliston said, “[for next year] I’d like some of these days, but it would be good to get more variety.” Junior Brook McCall agreed and said, “I feel like they could get more creative, maybe pick another person who’s well known.” When Sandoval was asked about suggestions for next year, she said, “I feel like culture day, where everyone would show where they’re from [would be] fun.”