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FHS Devotes Too Much Attention to Football

Simona Suarez
Balls representing a variety of different sports rest in a gym closet.

FHS needs to devote more attention to other sports and less on the football team. The varsity football team’s record for 2023 is 1-8, and their chance of winning is about 11 percent. Other Fauquier sports such as field hockey have a record of 14-5, and their chance of winning is about 73 percent. The school is fixated too much on the football team, even when the team isn’t good. They constantly make announcements about their games but ignore all the other sports even when they are more successful.

One of the great aspects of FHS is its wide variety of sports, including field hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, cheer, lacrosse, cross country, baseball, swim, wrestling, indoor track, tennis, softball and scholastic bowl. And out of all these sports, the school pays the most attention to the football team. It’s confusing as to why they choose to do so since the varsity team has suffered continuous losses and setbacks. All the other sports are fantastic such as field hockey, cross country, cheerleading, and volleyball. Field hockey and cheerleading even went to states!

Even though FHS had two sports at states, there has been little celebration or recognition from the school. It’s incredibly unfair, especially since if the football team were to make it to states, the school would most likely make it very well known.

The football boys definitely deserve their recognition since they do try their best, but it’s wrong for the spotlight to be taken from the other sports when they should have it more given their recent accomplishments. It doesn’t feel good to succeed after trying their hardest in a sport just for the school to not applaud them. Everyone should congratulate all of Fauquier’s athletes, no matter which sport they play in, and wish them luck with their future games!

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Simona Suarez, Staff
Hi! My name is Simona, I am a staff member of The Falconer. I am a freshman and came from Marshall Middle. This is my first year in The Falconer. I love the outdoors and my sport is volleyball! I’m beyond excited to be apart of The Falconer family!!
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  • C

    CJan 24, 2024 at 2:31 pm

    Well, we may suck, but that´s because we go up against other schools who have teams who either have played travel football or other sports. And who probably spent their whole life doing sports and know the sport inside out and Are really good at the game because those coaches make them have a mandatory practice they also probably get more time in a weight room. there’s also Money that´s a factor at those schools that we just Don´t have. It´s also the attitudes of players who aren´t chicken out there on the field or court. We as Falcons have a team and We have pride we may not win Who said life had to be perfect