OPINION: Trump Has a Fighting Chance, Acceptance and Freedom are the Way to Go


Colin Ashby

sophomore, Colin Ashby

2020 has been a crazy year for everybody so, of course, this year’s election was bound to be complicated as well. With early voting, mail-in voting and regular election day voting, I believe there are complications with both parties.
Due to the mandatory recounts in some states and rulings directed by President Donald Trump and others, he could pull through with a win. Just like former President George Bush did against former Vice President Al Gore in the 2000 election. I think that this is a very promising opportunity for Trump.
Due to COVID-19, a record number of votes were mailed in and done pre-election day. This puts Trump at a disadvantage, especially for repeated voting before and on election day. Personally, I believe this phenomenon is due to the fact that very few people wanted to stand in lines to vote in-person, on Nov. 3, because of the pandemic scare.
I feel like the election would’ve had a different outcome if we weren’t going through the pandemic this year. Trump wants to open the nation back up, and I believe that is the best thing to do. I think the nation shutting down has caused people to flip their lives completely upside down. This has taken a toll on the majority of American’s mental health.
If you don’t feel comfortable going back to school or you don’t feel comfortable taking your mask off, that’s fine, but I don’t believe we should be forced to wear masks. With Biden’s attempt at a mask mandate, we may lose that freedom to choose.
Every adult I’ve spoken to about this election has said this is the most divided the nation has been in their lifetimes. This is very sad to hear since we are the next generation. How do we expect other people, other countries to look to use when we can’t even set a good example?
America is supposed to be the melting pot of all peoples and beliefs. It hurts me to see this disagreement about our nation tearing people apart. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, no one should force any opinion on anyone else and it should definitely not be the reason to unfriend someone.