The big question: Is marching band a sport?



Is marching band a sport? This is one of the instruments they use.


A sport is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as, “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against others for entertainment.” With that in mind, marching band does qualify as a sport.

Sure, we don’t necessarily make contact with other bands, but that doesn’t happen in other activities like track and swimming. We practice for two and a half hours three days a week during the school year. That’s saying nothing about the time we spend over the summer making sure all the newcomers know what they’re doing. Then there’s band camp, which takes up an entire week.

During practices, we stretch and warm up like most other sports. We take time to make sure no one pulls any muscles or experiences cramps. We also have to make sure we’re hydrated at all times, to maximize efficiency.

On top of that, everyone in the band has to be capable of carrying their instruments. That might not seem like a big deal, but keep in mind, some of the instruments, like the drums and sousaphones, weigh over 30 lbs. There’s also a proper form that has to be maintained for holding the instruments. From personal experience, I had back problems my sophomore year from holding my baritone, so injuries do happen.

We also have our own competitions that we go to, where we perform the show in front of judges and against other bands. We don’t compete directly with other bands like contact sports, because each band needs the football fields to themselves to perform their show.

During our performance, we’re rated based on our marching technique, how visually appealing the show actually is, and how well the instruments sound. After all the bands perform, all the drum majors, conductors, meet up on the field for the award ceremony. Based on how well the band performed, they get a higher score, with the highest score placing first.

Like most other sports, there is a sense of competitiveness and good morale to make sure everyone performs at the best of their abilities, and has fun while they do it. Even sitting in the stands, we still have fun. We watch other bands perform, and point out some of the songs they’re playing. Some bands play songs from movies like “Aladdin” and bands like “Maroon 5”.

The definition of a sport has certain criteria to it, and marching band meets that criteria. Therefore, it’s a sport. We physically exert ourselves, we perform competitively, and we make sure we have fun. That’s a sport, and that’s marching band.


Sports are a big part of many people’s lives today. A sport is an activity involving physical and emotional skill and power. A hobby is an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

Based on this information, the marching band is then considered a hobby. Marching band is a group of people doing coordinated movements while playing an instrument. There are many reasons why people do not consider the marching band a sport. For example, they only have a military league and no professional league that goes on to compete.

Marching band is not an activity listed in the Olympics because it is not nationally considered a sport. Would you consider cooking a sport? Cooking competitions take place and they involve physical activity but this is also not considered a sport.

Marching band is mainly used to entertain people during breaks in sports games or in parades. It is used as a technique to create an atmosphere in many settings. The marching band is not the main attraction in almost all cases in any event.

Marching band may be physical activity and need skill but based on the definition of sport this is not enough. Playing an instrument is not a sport, and carrying an instrument is not a sport. So, therefore, the marching band should not be defined as a sport.

The marching band has formations and marches that use muscle memory but not muscle. The marching band is considered. Sports are full of competition and the marching band is more of an elaborate concert.

Band does not qualify as a sport so neither does marching band. The main goal of this hobby is to play the right notes not to score a goal or earn a point. People join the marching band to meet new people, build teamwork, and play instruments.

However, this does not disregard the importance of the marching band. They are some of the loudest people at the football games, and provide something to watch and become excited about.

Marching band is an activity that has a special place in our school. This, however, does not make it a sport.