Reduce Carbon Footprint by Joining the Eco Club


The Eco Club sets personal goals to better the environment

Celeste Pollack, News Editor

What would you expect to find when dissecting a shark? A half eaten fish perhaps? A less pleasant surprise awaited Faith Jones and Savannah Snider, two Sophomores (at the time, now both Juniors) in Mr. Murphy’s biology class, dissecting their first ever shark. Whilst examining the contents of their fishy friend’s stomach, they discovered that their particular shark’s last meal was a plastic straw.
Human beings have evolved from a once primitive state and have developed the ability to shape their environment, creating new materials at a molecular level. With this new-found power comes great responsibility. Plastic straws may be very practical when sipping on a Mcdonald’s shake, however their usefulness quickly dissipates, even as their lifespan continues for many decades in the ocean.
Jones, Snider, and their friends Brighton Craig and Hannah Cook (also Juniors) decided to make a difference in their environment. They have chosen to take an active part in maintaining the health and viability of their physical environment and “we invite you to do the same!” (Snider)
“I joined the Ecology club, because it’s fun, and I felt that we can make a real difference in the community.” says Hannah Cook.
The Ecology club meets every Tuesday during A+ in room 700. Some of the projects they are organizing this upcoming school year include cleaning highways and organizing classroom marker recycling. If you cannot make it to the meetings, you can try helping the environment from home. There are quite a few, very simple things you can do that make a huge difference in their environment. You could reduce your carbon footprint by carpooling with friends to school. You could help reduce plastic waste and help our shark friends improve their diet by investing in a couple reusable straws. Lastly, even recycling absolutely everything you can goes a long way!
Your physical environment has a direct impact on your well-being. Join a club that makes a difference!