Poetry and Prose Club Gives Students a Chance to Express Themselves


Alec Crandall

Poetry Club members gather for a their weekly meeting.

The Poetry Club welcomes all readers, writers, poets, and anyone who enjoys literature. The Poetry Club was created by Elizabeth Kyne, a senior here at FHS who enjoys poetry herself. Kyne started the club because she “love[s] poetry and [she] wanted to talk about it with other people.”

The club focuses on investigating themes, reading deep into the author’s perspective, talking about poetry with other members, discussing the deeper meaning of poetry and sharing their poetry with the club. The meetings do not maintain the same structure. Kyne said, “[She] wants people to be able to have fun in the poetry club.” Kyne believes that poetry isn’t all serious, it can be fun too.

At the start of club meetings, students are welcome to make tea and hot chocolate and have snacks. They will then start talking about anything and then get started on whatever they planned on doing that day. “We’re all pretty good friends, we check in on each other,” Kyne notes.

When joining this club, students will be joining a “nice and caring community of writers” said Kyne. If interested in joining the club, the meetings are held Mondays after school, until 3:30 p.m. in room 308.