TSA Will Compete at Regionals


Picture provided by Josh Suazanbar

Josh Suazanbar builds a bridge

The technology student association, also known as TSA, is a student led organization that focuses specifically on students looking for an education in technology. In TSA, middle and high school students engage in STEM based activities. They have competitions where teams from different schools face off against each other. Each TSA competition is open to anyone and requires no preliminary qualifications to join. There are competitions at the regional and national level.

Regionals will be on March 4 at Thomas Jefferson High School, and the national conference will begin on June 28th and run through July 2nd at the Kentucky International Convention center in Louisville. The club is held in room 814, in Mr. Newman’s room. Mr. Newman, who teaches graphic design, is the leading teacher in this club. Meetings are held every Wednesday after school until 4pm, TSA Will Compete at Regionals and they also have meetings during academic enrichment every day.

The club works on projects for competitions. Senior Joshua Suazanbar says, “For our winter project we are currently building a bridge for a structural design competition using balsa wood. We are trying to create the strongest bridge using the smallest amount of balsa wood.” It is Suaznabar’s first year as a member of TSA, and he says it has been a very educational experience. This club is very educational and involves a lot of hands-on activities and competition opportunities.