Science National Honor Society is Back


Provided by Bianca Simmons

Science National Honor Society (SNHS) members perform a lab where they must identify unknown substances.

The Science National Honor Society (SNHS) has been brought back this year by club President Jake Woodside and science teacher Debbie Fisher in order to expand the passion of science beyond the regular school day. While the club partly shares a name with National Honor Society (NHS) the clubs are not affiliated with each other, and SNHS is entirely its own club. The club’s main goal according to their Lab Director, Annaka Busenlehner, is “To expand people’s view of science…for people who want to do stuff with science.”

In order to join the club, Busenlehner explains the requirements are “You have to be either a Junior or Senior, have to have taken three science classes and passed them. If you’re a sophomore and you have taken two science classes you can be an honorary member.” Being an honorary member of the club entails being able to participate in meetings and labs, the only disadvantage is not having a big say in the club’s leadership positions. All the leadership positions are voted upon by club members each year. Once a part of the club, Busenlehner details the club’s time commitment by saying: “[For] a regular member, you have to go to at least one meeting a month. If you have a [leadership] position it’s a lot more, because there’s a lot more meetings, like admin meetings.” The club meets twice a month on Tuesdays in Fisher’s classroom, room 702.

Expanding on the club’s environment, Busenlehner says, “It’s just kinda chill and [filled with] a lot of people who like science.” She described her favorite part by saying “I like doing the fun experiments.” For students who are interested in science and are looking for a place to further their passion, joining SNHS is the perfect place.