Giving Back to the Community Through NHS


Provided by Catherine Croft

NHS members write letters for recovering hospital patients.

National Honor Society, or NHS, is a club for the smart, hardworking, and ready to be involved students. NHS is “a club that encourages students to get involved in their community and give back to something that is greater than themselves,” according to Erin Irvin, president of the NHS. NHS is a nationwide organization and a club that is always getting involved within the school. It’s a club that is heavily based on leadership and service. NHS can help to become or enhance skills as a transformative leader. Not only does it encourage students to uphold a good GPA, as that is a requirement to be a part of the club, but it also encourages students to partake in service hours and projects. At the end of every meeting, there is an opportunity to participate in a service activity, whether that be for the community or our school. Students in the NHS are required to earn 6 service hours.

Giving back to the community and doing service projects are all things to expect from partaking in the club. Meetings are on the first Wednesday of every month. The group typically meets at the lunch tables located in the cafeteria. This is a chance for all club leaders to share updates and make announcements. Overall, the NHS gives students a way to get involved with things they may not normally do.