Fashion Spotlight: Liam Metzdorf


Nayeli Arellano

The fashion spotlight shows how his outfit represents him and his mood and influences his unique personality.

Nayeli Arellano, News Editor

Liam Metzdorf– Senior

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: I guess I would describe it as pretty alternative like jeans, a band t-shirt, and the chains.

Q: What stores do you like to shop at?
A: PacSun and Vans

Q: Is there a trend going around that you personally like, and would like to wear as one of your everyday outfits?
A: I [tend] to stay away from big trends.

Q: What’s one trend going around that you don’t like?
A: [I don’t like] the file trend like the big shoes.

Q: If you could pick a go-to outfit, what would it be?
A: All black with white shoes

Q: Where do you get your style inspirations from?
A: I get my inspiration from artists like Travis Scott and my brother because he got me into fashion.