Fashion Spotlight: Kayla Grontas


Provided by Kayla Grontas

Junior Kayla Grontas poses in a knit dress with loafer Doc Martens in an aesthetic summer outfit.

Kayla Grontas-Junior

Q. How did you form your style?
My style has formed from all sorts of things such as models, celebrities and the media.

Q. What aesthetic do you feel like you dress the most in?
I don’t really fit into one category because I change my aesthetic a lot, but currently more hippie-ish.

Q. How do other people’s style influence you?
Other people influence me with the way they style certain clothing items.

Q. What is your favorite article of clothing?
My favorite article of clothing would be my long skirts, graphic t-shirts, or low rise jeans.

Q. Where do you shop the most, and what do you get there?
I thrift a lot of my tops and most of my bottoms are from Pacsun, Brandy, or Hollister.

Q. When did you get into fashion?
I started to get into fashion at the beginning of my sophomore year, although it didn’t start to get good until the start of my junior year.

Q. In your opinion, what is the most important thing about fashion?
The most important thing about fashion is to express yourself in all types of ways and forms. I never hate or have disliked another person’s style because everyone is different and likes different things.