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Fashion Spotlight: Abby Keith

Maddie Fox
Senior Abby Keith shops at locally-run businesses and encourages others to do the same.

Q: “What and who inspires your style?”
A: ”I get a lot of my inspiration from pinterest.”

Q: “Where do you get your clothing from?”
A: “I get them from the Salvation Army, Deja Vu and thrift stores. I get essential pieces from fast fashion, but I try to strive away from that.”

Q: “Would you say thrifting is one of your favorite hobbies?” A: “Yes, I love thrifting. Thrifting is kind of a self-care remedy for me. I also like doing it alone so I can put my headphones in and just tune out everything else.”

Q: “Do you like preparing your outfits before school or any special event?”
A: “I usually do because I love layering and adding different accessories, and who wants to be worried in the morning for school?”

Q: “Have you altered or made any of your clothing on your own?”
A: “Yes I do. I alter my clothing, whether it’s cutting up pieces, and I love sewing and embroidering them and putting different pieces together or adding little bows to my shoes.”

Q: “What would you say your favorite piece to wear is?”
A: “I love wearing leg warmers. They’re so cute and comfortables”

Q: “In your opinion, what celebrities have a good sense of style, why?” A: “I think Sabrina carpenter has really good style, I lean more into people that thrift a lot because that’s what mainly interests me.”
Q: “What are your favorite trends in fashion both right now and in t xzwxhe past?” A: “One of my all time favorites is putting ribbon in your hair in shoes.”

Q: “What does fashion mean to you?”
A: “It’s a way I can express myself in a different way, and many people have started to do that which is amazing.”

Q: “Is there anything you would like to add?”
A: “I thrift a lot and would just like to encourage people to not buy fast fashion”

Q: “Do you disagree with fast fashion and why?”
A: “Yes, very strongly, because it’s very harmal to the environment a pretty sure that 80% of stores like Shein, and Forever 21 end up in landfills and you never know who is making it it could be enforced by child labor laws and not getting paid enough for it, that why its alot better to repurpose and use second hand clothing that you might like as much as you do something you find in fast fashion stores.”

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