“Film Out” of BTS is Calming and Full of Theories


provided by Jimin Memory Gallery on Flickr

BTS’ new song “Film Out” provides a gentle, maybe even sad, listen.

BTS’s new Japanese song “Film Out” dropped on April 1 ahead of the new Japanese album, releasing in June. The song is peaceful compared to the last album, “BE.” Yet, it is powerful, as any BTS song is. The song describes a “you” that is always out of reach of the members. Through the lyrics the members keep trying to reach the mysterious “you,” which has been very easily theorized as the BTS Army by fans across social media.
The song is mellow and bright, yet it feels sad with the low tone raps of RM, J-Hope and Suga. The climax is the post-chorus, surprisingly not a “na-na-na-na” as seen across the K-pop genre in Stray Kids’ “My Pace,” NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb,” EXO’s “Love Me Right” or Kard’s “OhNaNa” it is an atypical “la-la-la-la-la-la.” The song lets listeners feel relaxation but with a subtle somber mood, perhaps hinting at the album to come. It is gentle and warm and definitely worth a listen or two.
The song has sparked many fan theories to rise from the ashes of the BTS: Love Yourself series and Map of the Soul: Person album from 2018 and 2019, respectively. The music video shares many traits from the “Fake Love” music video with windows crashing into Jin and mysterious shots of hourglasses. If fans are correct, this means a return to the BTS Universe full of betrayal, confusion, death, rebirth and hope.