Fashion Spotlight: Hannah Singleton

Hannah Singleton, senior


provided by Hannah Singleton

Senior, Hannah Singleton

Q: How would you describe your style?
A: “I feel like I don’t really have a defined style yet. I am kind of still exploring a bunch of different ones. Right now, I think, for Spring, I like flowy clothes.”

Q: Who is your biggest fashion influence?
A: “There’s actually this girl on Tik Tok. Her name is Nava Rose, and she’s one of my biggest influences.”

Q: When did you first get into fashion?
A: “I think I have always tried to dress pretty nice, but I got really into it over the pandemic actually. There was nothing else to do.”

Q: What era inspires you the most?
A: “Probably like the 90s are pretty good, and the 70s.”

Q: What fashion do you like the most/not like the most?
A: “I guess what I like most about it is that you can really wear anything if you make it look good. The least, I guess, I feel like it’s just the stigma around what everyone wears. I don’t really care what you wear, like a hoodie and jeans or the best outfit ever. You can just wear whatever you want.”

Q: What would you say your signature outfit is?
A: “Just a button down shirt, and I like a lot of layers, so like a turtleneck and like pants or something.”

Q: How has fashion influenced your day to day life?
A: “Well I definitely think about what I wear a lot, and I think it makes me a lot more conscious about what other people wear. Not to say I am judging them, but it’s just interesting to see what everyone likes.”

Q: Does your outfit impact your daily mood?
A: “I think sometimes it does. Even when I am wearing something comfy, I feel like I am still very comfortable. If I am wearing something a lot more formal, I think my mind set is a little more straightforward.”

Q: Do you think your style is similar to teens your age?
A: “I think it is unique, but I feel like it blends well. It’s not really extra like a lot of celebrities, but is also not as casual as I think most people dress now.”