Fashion Spotlight: Meagan Rude


Margaret McGee

Megan Rude poses in a vintage outfit.

Q: How would you describe your style ?
An odd mixture of Anne of Green Gables and the Dead Poets Society.

Q: What kind of outfits/clothing do you enjoy wearing ?
I enjoy wearing anything that makes me feel excited and confident. When I’m wearing something I’m confident in, I can focus on other people and other things, rather than myself.

Q: How do you prepare your outfits ?
It’s not necessarily a spur of the moment thing, but whatever I’m feeling in the morning. I usually have enough clothes washed and ready to go that I can pick something out. I’ve spent a lot of time curating items so that things almost always go together. So it’s just whatever I’m feeling like. If I’m cold, I’ll wear a sweater. If I don’t really feel like dressing up I’ll wear something with an elastic waistband.

Q: What inspires your type of fashion ?
A lot of different things, oftentimes fictional characters from books that I read or movies that I watch, sometimes certain youtubers. I also just love history and historical fashion, looking into old fabrics and old silhouettes used, and why they were worn. I find it all very interesting, and get a lot of inspiration from that kind of stuff. But also outfits I see around in Fauquier, I see people wearing things that I like and think, “How can I emulate that with what I already have?”

Q: What is your favorite place to go shopping for clothing ?
Absolutely thrift stores. Although it can really be a mixed bag, sometimes you don’t get anything good, but when you find something really nice it’s so exciting. Especially when it’s a high quality item that would typically be really expensive. Plus you know you’re keeping something out of a landfill, it’s all fun.

Q:What makes you passionate about how you fashion?
I think fashion is a really great way to express yourself and to feel confident in what you’re wearing. Like I said, I personally love wearing something I’m comfortable in because then I can just stop focusing on myself. I feel like I’m me, and I can move on.