Falcon Fresh Faces: Sandy Shipe

Splitting her time between working as the director of nursing at Fauquier Hospital, teaching and inspiring students at FHS, and giving what little free time she has to the community in the form of volunteer work, Sandy Shipe is one of the fresh faces at FHS this year.

Shipe, being an alumni of FHS, brings a radiant and inspiring energy to the faculty this year. She is the health occupations teacher, leading one of the few classes that leaves the school’s campus for a short period every day. The students of her class will find themselves able to learn about, practice, and explore the tools and procedures by which the patients of Brookside Nursing Facility are taken care of. Students of her class also get the opportunity to learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, giving any students considering pursuing any form of medicine for a career a head start.

Along with all the time she dedicates to her students and her job at the hospital, she also engages in volunteer work and community service in her spare time, most prominently in ‘Faith Community Nursing’ which is an organization of professional nurses who focus on mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

As one of the most dedicated, brilliant, and kind people you can meet at FHS, Shipe makes a wonderful addition to the cast of faculty this year. And anyone with any interest in pursuing a medical career, should make their way to the annex to speak with Shipe, and they’ll be sure to leave more inspired and educated than when they arrived.