“Come Along”: The Song that Sticks!

“Come Along” is one of many curious songs written by Cosmo Sheldrake. “Come Along” is an epic. It’s a song about escaping the mundane, running from the agendas of others that want to eat your time and take it for themselves. The song is a proclamation of escape and freedom.

The song starts with a sense of newly realized grief with lines like, “we’ll sing a song of days gone by.” In other words, it sings a song of how much the characters in the song have lost. It then builds up to a call to action with lines like, “there’s no such thing as time to kill nor time to throw away,” and “Once for the bright sky, Twice for the pig sty, Thrice for another day!” That line sounds like they’re proposing a toast to the greatness of the bright sky, the pigsty, and another day. The root of this suppression that steals time comes from greed, anger, and boredom which is where the song implies they are going to, “We’ll go to a place that is safe from greed, anger, and boredom” being an example of this.

The song is an active cat and mouse game between those who possess greed, anger, and boredom stealing the lives of others. Phrases like “shut your ears when sirens sing, tie armbands to your feet,” show the lesson of keeping yourself grounded and true. By the end of the song, it seems the character in the song is with many people, they are there for each other on a journey to stay free with like-minded people. “Come Along” is an expressionist song that will challenge your understanding of music.