Agriculture is A-“Maize”-ing


Provided by Alana Henegar

Alana Henegar helps out on the FHS school farm.

The agriculture program at FHS teaches students about everything from agriscience principles to the maintenance of natural resource systems. FHS has nine agriculture courses available to students which involve a wide variety of topics involving nature, farming and food science. In addition to these courses, FHS runs a chapter of the National FFA Organization.
In agriculture classes, students get the chance to learn how to run a farm, properly care for animals, fix small things around the house and plant a garden. “Agriculture supports every person around the world, which is why it’s so important,” said junior Alana Henegar, the president of the FHS FFA chapter.
The agriculture program doesn’t simply stick to their own turf. The club often attends field trips in order to gain additional perspectives. They also enter a number of competitions and for that reason open meetings with team building games. “[Being a member of FFA] is a great way to get into the agriculture community,” said Henegar.
“Agriculture classes open you up to new opportunities and let you get to know more about where your food and many other necessities come from,” said Henegar. She thinks many people have a strewn reality of what agriculture actually is. “Many people think it’s just farming, but a lot more goes into it. It has a lot to do with nature and the environment,” said Henegar.