A Revival of a Classic Show

“That 90’s Show,” the spinoff of “That 70’s Show,” was released in early 2023 on Netflix. After hearing about the sequel and immediately going to watch it, disappointment was the word that came to mind. The original set such high expectations that this sequel was not able to deliver in
proper fashion.

“That 90’s Show” is based on Eric and Donna Foreman’s daughter, Leia, who comes to visit her grandparents for the summer in Eric’s childhood home in Point Place. The show is basically Leia reliving Eric and Donna’s childhood. Leia goes through the ups and downs of making new friends in a new town, preparing to leave to go home, and the troubles of reinventing herself and her first relationship, which turns out to be the son of one of Eric and Donna’s childhood friends.

Seeing the amount of characters the show was able to bring back was thoroughly impressive; even the sets were the same. It was very nostalgic being able to see the original cast’s kids grow up and how everyone’s life has progressed over the past 20 years. It would have been nice to see the original cast more, each of them had short cameos, except for the grandparents. Hyde, one of the most popular characters from “That 70’s Show” didn’t make an appearance which was

Overall, “That 90’s Show” is definitely worth a watch. It’s nostalgic and brings back the charm the original show had. Netflix confirmed another season will be released. It will be interesting to see how the new season will play out and if Leia will end up coming back to Point Place.