An Oscar Winning Movie That Deserves Your Attention But Does Not Demand It



“Everything everywhere all at once” tells a bizarre story with incredible emotion and thought behind it.

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a masterpiece. The film starts with what seems to be a movie about struggle and family values, and to a degree it is. However, the movie touches on some very interesting and impressive topics such as existentialism, nihilism, and self fulfilling prophecy all the while not taking itself too seriously and being genuinely hilarious at times.

This review would be remiss had it not mentioned the enormous sweep that this movie had at the Oscars. “Everything Everywhere All at Once” won seven awards, with all of them being well deserved.

I had not seen “Everything Everywhere All at Once” until after the Oscars, and didn’t understand what made the movie so incredible. From what friends and family had said about the movie, they gave the impression that the movie was hard to get into and seemed like just another wacky superhero/action film. Despite these preconceived notions of the film, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is truly fantastic.

One of the main themes in the movie is the vastness of the universe. The movie explores the dynamic between a nihilist and an existentialist point of view on life. This movie’s message is that maybe nothing matters, but that is ok. The sole chance that this planet exists as well as the chance that we exist is more than enough to justify life and the enjoyment of it. This is best shown in the final scenes where, even after all of the toil and strife the family went through there are still things to look forward to even in a time as short as a lifetime.

This movie will surprise viewers by its unique sense of dumb but enjoyable humor. Looking at the movie genre (adventure/sci-fi), it was pleasantly surprising that the movie was extremely charming and funny.

Composer Claude Debussy’s “Clair de Lune” is a perfect fit for this movie, as it punctuates large emotional scenes with a beautiful piano composition. With this composition being used at perfect times throughout the film, it would make any viewer’s emotions well and cascade into introspection of their own life during the movie.

The feeling that was left after watching this movie was that of both extreme curiosity and calmness. It felt as if I had just attended a very eye opening lecture where students periodically got up to fight the teacher. In this bizarre feeling, I reflected and thought about what all of it meant. That is a mark of a good movie.

With so few modern movies feeling like they were made for fun and with enough creative liberty to create a genuinely fun story, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is a breath of fresh air that I hope sets a precedent for more movies to come. This movie is perfect to watch if you want something to make you laugh, think, feel, and maybe even cry.