“The School for Good and Evil” Severely Disapoints Viewers

The School for Good and Evil is a live-action movie made by Netflix. It is based on the book series The School for Good and Evil.


“The School for Good and Evil” is a live-action movie made by Netflix. It is based on the book series “The School for Good and Evil.”

Yet another Netflix fail, “The School for Good and Evil,” didn’t reach the expectations of viewers. When Agatha and Sophie learn about the School for Good and Evil from the bookstore, Sophie decides to leave a note asking to be taken to the school. Finding out that Sophie plans to leave the village, Agatha follows her into the woods, and together the girls are snatched up and flown to the school. To their shock, Agatha is dropped at the good school, while Sophie is dropped at the evil school. With Sophie wanting to switch schools and Agatha wanting to return home, these girls have to survive their schools until they have an opportunity to achieve their goals.

Akin to practically every adaptation Netflix makes, the source material deviated from the six-book long series “The School for Good and Evil.” There were many differences between the first book, which the movie was specifically about, and the movie. Sophie and Agatha weren’t supposed to be able to reach each other. If students could walk to the other school at any time, there would be chaos. Obviously, the barrier was taken out so that certain plot points in this movie could happen, but taking out the protective barrier just for an easy story is slightly irritating.

Another plot point they changed was that Sophie was supposed to realize that she was meant to be in the school for evil after she kills one of the Evil school guards. However, in this movie, her path to evil began when her hair was cut. In the books, a guard cut her hair, leading her to become so mad that she killed him, but the fact that her hair was cut wasn’t the actual reason she embraced evil. While it does showcase the shallowness Sophie shows in the first book, it doesn’t feel like something that should’ve been changed.

However, one of the things that irritated me the most was seeing Agatha be called ugly in this movie. She was played by Sofia Wylie, who is basically the opposite of the character she plays appearance-wise. Agatha wasn’t supposed to look nice, so she would stand out in the good school. “The School for Good and Evil” was supposed to be about not judging people on their appearance. Having Wylie play this character puts impossible standards even on “ugly.”

This movie wasn’t the worst in existence, but it definitely wasn’t good. The script was bad, with it being embarrassing to listen to at times, and the storyline didn’t make much sense. Seeing as viewers are expected to devote two and a half hours to watching this movie, it was expected to be better. With how much it deviated from the source material, it isn’t a movie I would recommend watching.