Artist Spotlight: Mia Norskog

Margaret McGee, Lifestyles Editor

Junior Mia Norskog has proven herself to be a triple-threat when it comes to art. Norskog is the November Artist of the Month and has been drawing ever since she can remember. “I remember when I was really little I would trace the back of my sister’s drawings because she was five years older than me and I always wanted to be as talented as her,” says Norskog. Now, Norskog looks to other places for her inspiration. “Every once in a while I’ll see someone on Instagram on my feed and obsess over their style for [a while],” said Norskog.
Art teacher Rebecca Graham describes Norskog as a “triple threat. [Norskog] has a very creative style. She paints beautifully and can draw life in a very realistic way.” This is Norskog’s first year taking Art lll 3-D and Graham is “Very impressed with her ability to sculpt three-dimensionally. I didn’t realize she would be so good at it as she has proven to be,” said Graham.
Norskog plans to pursue an art-related career after high school. “I want to go to either VCU or Mary Washington and I want to study art and design,” said Norskog. “[Mia] has a great eye for design, so she could do any kind of design work from illustrator, to graphic design, to fashion. She is so talented and such an all-around great person, that she will be an asset to any art school or art field that she chooses to go to,” said Graham.

Taking three-dimensional Art has allowed Mia Norskog to explore her interest in paper machete. She constructed the following sculpture. (provided by Rebecca Graham)