Hooked on the Video Game “Among Us”


screenshot by Adeline Cunningham

Playing a game of “Among Us”, players start the game in the main lobby of the game.

Among Us is a very popular game that is about betrayal and a bit of murder mystery. The game’s premise is there is a space crew with 4-10 players,and in that crew there are 1-3 imposters. As a crewmember, your goal is to complete all the tasks and find and eject the imposters before the imposter kills all the crewmembers. As an imposter your goal is to kill all the crew members either from killing them yourself, voting them off, or sabotage.
Among Us is an amazingly fun game to play whether with strangers online or with your friends. Though while playing you do have to be aware you could be stabbed in the back at any moment, that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of knowing the imposter and watching your friends argue over who it could be.
Among Us also has been gaining a massive amount of popularity online. Whether you get into the game from watching youtube to all the hilarious memes you can find online the Among Us community is full of funny content for anyone and an even better game experience.