Seniors Take on Sports Seasons


provided by Meghan Harrington

Senior Meghan Harrington has been playing softball since she was five. She’s looking forward to her team at Princeton University.

While there are many challenges in moving forward with academics, clubs and completing an entire school year under a pandemic, one major challenge this year has been sports.
Senior Aidan Stanton has spent this past year training and conditioning to put his best foot forward for his team and his own personal goals in track and cross country, despite COVID-19. Stanton has taken on the responsibility of leading his team, “I’ve tried to take the smaller seasons we’ve had to help build the team’s cohesion for the future, while at the same time, putting in the effort to make it the best season possible,” said Stanton.
For Jake Goldman, the senior season was all about performing his best in swim, maintaining high grades by participating in the Nation’s Capital Swim Team and keeping up with extracurriculars at school. “I knew that I really wanted to attend a highly academic college, so I tried to find schools that best fit my goals as an athlete and as a student,” said Goldman. He was accepted to the California Institute of Technology on a Division III swim team.
Senior pitcher and first baseman Megan Harrington had the same idea; in order to play in college, she kept her grades up. “The best thing you can do is make yourself an undeniable option,” said Harrington. Harrington was accepted into Princeton, on a Division I softball team.
Stanton, as well as many other seniors, had high hopes for their final seasons and were disappointed because they could not compete or train the way they normally would. Despite the challenges, Stanton has seen the team “hold each other accountable and push one another to be the best because our season could end at any time,” said Stanton
Senior lacrosse attackman Shane O’Hara has been playing lacrosse for 12 years. “COVID-[19] made it hard to see my potential schools,” said O’Hara. Plus, new college regulations allowed an extra year of eligibility to last year’s seniors, making this one of the hardest to be recruited. After lots of hard work, O’Hara was accepted to Vassar College on a Division III team.
The senior athletes will forever hold their high school career in their hearts. “Every moment I spend with my team is one I enjoy, so it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite memory,” says Stanton. “From having pizza on the side of the road to seemingly never-ending hill repetitions, I’ve enjoyed all of it. Through all four years, I’ve had teammates and moments that I will never forget.”
However, they are looking forward to college. Senior and football safety Evan Jackson who is playing on a Division II football team at Glenville State University feels he will be able to “make an impact very early.”
For upcoming seniors who wish to play past highschool, O’Hara advises to make sure “you put yourself out there” and “not wait for coaches to come for you.” Goldman suggests that students “figure out exactly what you want to do” so they can begin talking with colleges as soon as possible. Jackson said, “Be ready to work. It’s not going to be easy, but if you put your mind to it, you will be okay.”

Senior safety Evan Jackson started football at the Greater Metropolitan Football League in Manassas and will play for Glenville State University in the fall. (Provided by Evan Jackson)
Senior Aidan Stanton ran all four years of high school but decided to focus on his academics at college. (Aidan Stanton)
Senior Jake Goldman who swam for 12 years in rain or shine is excited to swim in an outdoor pool at the California Institute of Technology. (provided by Jake Goldman)
After 12 years of hard work in lacrosse, senior, attackman Shane O’Hara is excited to continue at Vassar College. (Provided by Shane O’Hara)