Wrestling Takes on Brentsville for Annual In-school Meet

For the annual in-school meet, students will have an opportunity to purchase a ticket to watch the wrestling team take on Brentsville High School in a dual matchup. With many students planning to attend the match, the wrestlers will feel the impact. Senior Reece Kuhns showed his appreciation saying, “Wrestling in front of my fellow peers is a pretty special thing because not a lot of people come to most meets.”

The team has faced many challenges this season with a changing lineup but has continued to persevere and stay together. With the district tournament looming, the Falcons look for some momentum that can hopefully be provided from the Fauquier faithful. When it comes to postseason time Fauquier wrestling always has high expectations. Kuhns also mentions, ”For the rest of the season I expect us to push hard and peak in the postseason, when it all really matters.” With a mix of youth and experience, the Falcons will lean on upperclassmen Kingsley Menifee, Reece Kuhns, Bryce Frost and Gavin Robertson.