Weight room beckons Bailey


Kendall Scott, Staff Reporter

After many years of coach Jim Pulchine’s care, the weight room is now under new management. Ryan Bailey stepped down from teaching keyboarding to oversee the weight room and direct sports teams in their conditioning.
“The two jobs are so different,” Bailey said. “I miss some things about the business department, but at the same time this is what I’m interested in.”
In his new capacity, Bailey emphasizes on safe and effective methods of operating the machines.
“Using proper technique while lifting will not only keep everyone safe but will build muscle mass helpful for preventing injuries on the field,” Bailey said. “My goal is to keep everyone safe in here and safe on the field. I understand the proper way to operate the equipment because I have been interested in it for a long time.”
Bailey coordinates the weight room scheduling for the teams and develops their work out plan. Female athletes go into the weight room to increase their endurance for games, while the football team works to build muscle needed to tackle.
“Many teams use the weight room in and out of season,” Bailey said. “I get in touch with the coaches from each team and form a fitness plan for each. Depending on their sport, how they lift varies.”
Prior to operating the weight room Bailey taught physical education and coached football as defensive coordinator. However, switching to operating the weight room full time has affected Bailey’s time with the football team. He cannot get out on the field until 5 p.m.
“He still comes and helps everyday, just not until later,” junior Briar Thomas said. “Not much has changed; we still work as hard, and he still coaches us well. The only real difference is that he can’t be on the field for home games.”
Many athletes currently benefit from Bailey’s expertise in the weight room.
“It helps that coach Bailey knows what he is doing,” sophomore Jack Liebel said. “I love going to the weight room because I get the best out of my experience from his help.”