Bennett and Gaga Release second studio album: “Love for Sale”


Wikimedia Commons/Sarah Ackerman

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett released their 2nd studio album on September 30.

Pop sensation Lady Gaga and jazz legend Tony Bennett released their final collaboration album on September 30. Their compilation of 12 jazz songs was more than just your typical studio album because it was Bennett’s last. Bennett, age 95, put an end to his life-long passion making “Love for Sale” his 61st studio album, and second with Gaga.
Not being your typical jazz audience, I didn’t know what to expect when I first listened to “Love for Sale.” I was hesitant because I knew that Bennett was a classical jazz artist and Gaga was a loud, in your face, popstar, but after having a thorough listen to the album, I found myself very pleased.
The musicality of the album was spot on. I was never familiar with Gaga’s jazz voice, but it is stunning and shows this is where she shines. Knowing that both artists have had impressive careers, winning multiple awards each, I came in as a listener with high expectations. Gaga and Bennett did not disappoint. Their voices are a perfect match for each other.
My favorite song on the album is “Night and Day.” I felt like I was stuck in a New York City rom-com, I loved it. “Love For Sale,” the album’s top track and single, was also a favorite of mine. The message I received from the album, and this song in particular, was that love is always the answer. I think that is something that the world needs right now.
Although I was a bit disappointed with the presentation that Gaga gave on the album itself, compared to her last project, “Chromatica,” which featured loud make up, costumes and a strong presence from her, I do applaud her attempt at making a classic jazz album. However, her performances of the album thrust far along with her Vegas residency speak a whole other language and really show her true colors, much like she has shown us in the past.
I felt that some of the songs like “Do I Love You” and “So In Love” were a bit long. I was feeling bored at times, but I think it was because the songs were slower that it made them drag out. Nevertheless, as Gaga typically does, she breaks outside of the norm and does what she feels sounds best. I trust her judgment in putting out any album.
Not being too familiar with Tony Bennett and his previous works, I was very impressed that this 95-year-old man with Alzimers was able to produce such a lovely album with Gaga. In addition to the album, all the media that followed it including Tony Bennett’s “60 Minutes” feature has helped promote the album and the message behind it. For Tony having such a brilliant career, ending it with an album with his biggest fan, and supporter, Gaga made it all the more special.
I appreciate that Lady Gaga is trying to bring back jazz and the importance of it by teaching her young fans where music originated from and that there is more to being a pop star. I like the message that each song gave off, but it was a very typical jazz, love album.
As I said earlier, I was a bit surprised it wasn’t as drastic as Gaga’s previous albums, but because of the way Tony Bennett provides music in a certain fashion, I think it’s only fair that Gaga follows his pristine style for his last album.
My final take on the album was extremely positive, and it felt nice to have a break from Gaga’s typical pop style. This album made me want to learn more about jazz and explore more of Bennett’s music and influence on the jazz community.