FFA Club Update

The FFA club is back this year and nothing is holding them back. Led by senior Becca Henegar the club is ready and excited to revive it’s once thriving nature. “We are trying to rebuild our chapter. Corona really destroyed it. We are going from almost no members to about 30 members just in a month. We’re still building, but we’re doing good.” Henegar says.
Every year FFA participates in various competitions, “At the end of October we are going to the National Convention, a few officers will be attending several events there, a rodeo, concert, sessions, you get to meet national officers.” said Henegar.
Some students mistake FFA for strictly farming and Henegar is trying to get away from that stereotype. “We are not all farming. That is the biggest stereotype I’ve ever seen. We’re not a bunch of rednecks, you know we’re not farmers.” Henegar wanted to make it clear that FFA isn’t just about farming, environmental sciences, truck driving, livestock owners, and forestry are just some of the routes you can take when joining the club.
FFA plans to grow their community service aspect of the club, which has already included putting flags up for 9/11, landscaping the police barrix, and doing work on the FHS pond. However, Henegar mentioned the FFA club is open to pretty much any opportunity.
Becca Henegar’s goals for her FFA chapter include, “Building the chapter, getting that stereotype out. I definitely want to try new things like more service opportunities because in the past we’ve been lacking in that area.” She plans to ensure that this FFA chapter represents their motto to the fullest, “Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve.”