Open Mic Brings Fun to the Library Every Third Thursday of the month


Drew Kolb

Open Mic is hosted in the library every third Thursday of the Month.

Imagine yourself in a French Cafe, the smell of coffee surrounds you and a poetry reading is enlightening your ears. Open Mic is exactly that. Every third Thursday of the month, Open Mic meets in the library during homeroom.

Master of Ceremony (MC) of Open Mic, senior Kai Dankwa, wants to create a safe place for students to come and share poems with each other. “It’s great that we’re creating a space where we can do that. People write a lot about their innermost feelings and if they have the courage to share that, then I want to instill that boldness in people and just make it a bigger community,” said Dankwa.

Dankwa’s vision for the club comes from the stereotypical cheesy poetry slam. “You always see those movies with those French cafes and they’re doing that cheesy poetry, that’s what we wanted to do. That place where you can sit, eat, share your poems if you like to read, or just listen,” said Dankwa.

Open Mic is always looking for new readers. If you are interested in sharing your poems sign up in the library before the next event, or volunteer to read your poems when you arrive. Snacks are always provided. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say something about someone’s poems here that wasn’t positive,” said Dankwa.

Dankwa says that anyone nervous to share their poems shouldn’t be. “I’m the MC, I will hype your introduction up so much. Everyone is really nice. Come with your friends for the first couple times if you are really nervous, but you will always have a community that is ready to support you and there is nothing to be worried about.”