Artist Spotlight: Maya Weck

Senior Maya Weck is new to FHS this year, and is currently in Rebecca Graham’s Art IV class. Art IV is the most advanced art class that isn’t AP. When interviewed on how she describes her art style, she said, “…probably somewhere between semi-realism and cartoon style.” Semi-realism is a style that combines realistic with stylistic art. Joining the cartoon style to semi-realism creates a realistic cartoon illustration.

“She’s new this year, and really good,” Graham said. Out of all the different artistic mediums, Weck said digital drawing is her favorite to work in. Digital drawing is art created using technology, such as the ProCreate app. “I also like traditional mediums, like drawing and painting,” said Weck.

One of her recently completed pieces is a reverse charcoal drawing. It is drawn in white, on a black piece of paper. Weck said, “The assignment on [the reverse charcoal] was to draw in white, so you had to focus on the highlights, rather than the shadows.”

Weck is interested in going to college for art, and, “right now, Ringling is [her] top choice.” As for a career path, Weck said, “I want to study illustration, and more specifically go into the fields of character design or concept art.” As for other artistic jobs she is exploring, Weck said being a book illustrator would be “really cool” too.