Fashion Spotlight: Ms. Tapscott


Provided by Ms. Tapscott

Ms. Tapscott is wearing two of her favorite clothing items, scarves and a blue jean jacket.

Q. When did you first get into fashion?
“I think that I tried to always stick with what was ‘in’. I would say, professionally, I take some of my queues from the students, as far as fashion goes, but also try to be relatable with style. I would say just paying more attention, as I got into the profession, as an educator. This is my 12 or 13 year, so I would say as I got into my profession is when I became more, I would say, stylish.”

Q. Do the students at FHS ever influence your style?
“Yes, I definitely think that the students play a role in my style. Of course, everybody has their own trend, but I’ve definitely seen some looks where I’m like, ‘Oh I’ll try that out’. But it is a fine line [between] what students can wear and what I can wear. Or it’s not what they can wear, it’s what they chose to wear. You know, I’m at a point were Forever 21, although I love it, at the same time I have to pick through it a little bit differently than the students.”

Ms. Tapscott is wearing some of her favorite clothing items, jeans, cardigan, and ankle boots. (Provided by Ms. Tapscott)

Q. Who would you say is your biggest fashion influence?
“I don’t even know if I have, perse, a fashion icon. But if I had to pick someone that I would love to style myself after, I would say Michelle Obama. That Inauguration outfit, her little pants suit! When she walked out it was like ‘Ok with that belt, done. Can I get to her fashion level, like yes, absolutely!’ Those are my goals, #fashiongoals.”

Q. Do your outfits ever influence your mindset/confidence?
“Absolutely. I was told once, in one of my admin classes, that this teacher wore heels because it commanded attention. I was like, ‘Wow’. And it’s true, you know, when I wear heels I am seen more so as Ms. Tapscott, the assistant principal. As opposed to if I had on say, sneakers. I am still the same person, but it’s a different look and level of respect. When I wear heels, I feel, I have a more polished and professional look. I think I demand respect as opposed to when I have on sneakers.”

Q. What’s one rule you follow when picking out an outfit or buying clothes?
“It has to be something that I feel good in. I definitely want to be fashionable and trendy and all those good things, but [at] the same time I want to feel good in it. I am not just going to wear it because it looks good on or it’s the latest thing. I need to feel comfortable in it, so certain things aren’t for me.”

Q. What’s one clothing item you can’t live without?
“A blue jean jacket. Got to have it. It’s just a staple.”

Q. What is your favorite fashion era?
“Well, I would have to say I love love love love love the 90s. So I do love that a lot of the 90s stuff is coming and even like wide legs [pants] and things like that. Again that is more 90s than 2000s, so I would say like the 80s and the 90s for sure.”

Q. How has fashion influenced your day-to-day life?
“I think that it’s about putting on something that you feel good in and that gives expression to who you are. Wearing your mood or wearing who you are because, I think, fashion is a part of how we express who we are.”