Fashion Spotlight: Marshall Graham


Maddie Bayliff

Marshall is wearing what he describes as his typical outfit, a polo, sweater and khakis.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind your style?
A: I like to wear comfy clothing. I work at home so I wear jeans a lot, so I like to dress comfy at school, like shorts, tennis shoes, and short sleeve shirts.

Q: How did you get into fashion?
A:I’m a basketball player so I got into shoes, after shoes came fashion.

Q: What’s a fashion trend you aspire for the most?
A: Older styles of fashion, like nice vintage. Almost like something you would wear to a wedding.

Q: Was it difficult to figure out your certain style?
A: It definitely was. I’m taller, some clothes tend to be too short so I have to figure it out sometimes.

Q: What is something you hate/ love about the fashion industry?
A: Nowadays it depends on what you wear if you’re “cool” or not. People can judge you on what you wear.