Fashion Spotlight: D’lilah Wright


Alison Mayorga

D’lilah loves their gothic/grudge style and gets inspiration from Pinterest.

Q: What do you describe your style as?
A: I would say it’s all gothic and I have grudge elements. And Y2K elements as well.

Q: When did you start dressing like this?
A: I want to say 8th-grade year.

Q: What inspired you to dress like this?
A: I have always liked the style and have a lot of influences. Especially like media influencers, Pinterest and honestly just about everything.

Q: What is your favorite piece of clothing?
A: I love crochet sweaters and shirts.

Q: Have you ever tried any other type of style?
A: Definitely. I have tried emo, grudge, fairy grudge and Y2K.

Q: What is your favorite outfit?
A: Oh my gosh! I love a shirt and some type of cami but I like layering with a tank top with a sweater.