“Band of Brothers”: a Miniseries Showing Brotherhood during the Horrors of WWII



“Band of Brothers” is a movie about brotherhood during desperate times.

On Sept 9, 2001, the first episode of “Band of Brothers” was released on HBO. Costing $120 million, with a budget of around $12 million an episode, “Band of Brothers” is one of the most expensive mini-series to be made to date. The hefty price did come with a reward though, with the show making well over $50 million in profit. This was definitely deserved, as this miniseries really brings the viewer into WWII, and experiencing the brotherhood during war.

“Band of Brothers” starts at Camp Toccoa, Ga., as the 506th Infantry Regiment, or ‘Easy Company’ begins jump training. The characters and the show is entirely based on true stories, and the show mostly revolves around Major Winters, who commanded the company. “Band of Brothers” shows the journey of the company through the ending years of WWII, from the invasion of Normandy all the way to the capture of Hitler’s ‘Eagles Nest’ in the Austrian Alps.

Throughout the show, hardships of war are shown, but the brotherhood of ‘Easy Company’ is what keeps the men going, and it makes the show much more interesting, as each of the characters are really given tons of personality. Viewers get connected with each of the members of the company, and watching them fight throughout the war makes the viewing experience better than most other shows about WWII. The special effects in “Band of Brothers” were spectacular, and looked fairly realistic to real weapons. There isn’t much to criticize about any episodes, except that a few parts of the series are a little slow between the fighting and action that goes on.

Overall, the show was a great watch and comes in at just around 11 and a half hours of watch time, with each episode roughly lasting 70 minutes. “Band of Brothers” had the perfect amount of fighting, and a perfect amount of non-fighting related things going on. Starting in Georgia for training, and ending in the capture of Hitlers ‘Eagles Nest’, “Band of Brothers” shows the journey of ‘Easy Company’ from start to finish and really brings the story of brotherhood during war to life, immersing viewers in what it could’ve been like during WWII.