Charity Alyse’s Debut Novel “Other Side of the Tracks” Set to Release November 22nd


Alexis Franklin (From publisher Simon & Schuster)

“Other Side of the Tracks” cover from Simon & Schuster. The three main characters stand together. Art by Alexis Franklin.

Do you like The Outsiders, Romeo and Juliet, or The Hate U Give? Do you feel like you need to do something about how divided the world is today? Are you looking for a new author to add to your shelves? If so, you should preorder “Other Side of the Tracks” today.

Author Charity Alyse’s first novel “Other Side of the Tracks” releases on November 22nd everywhere books are sold. Alyse’s novel tells the story of two towns divided by race and a set of train tracks: the white side of Bayside and the black side of Hamilton. There is an unspoken agreement to stay on your side – or else. Zach, new to Bayside, breaks this rule and meets a girl named Capri and her brother Justin, both trying to escape Hamilton. Capri dreams of being a Broadway star, like her mother, and she and Zach fall in love. But when one of Justin’s friends is murdered by a white police officer, the towns explode into an all-out war, with our trio caught in the middle.

“This book is gonna make you fall in love and dream again and it’s even gonna hold you to a really high standard. You’re gonna start to question why you believe what you believe,” said Alyse.

According to, only 5.8% of published authors in America are black. This year, let’s put some effort into diversifying our bookshelves and listening to people of color. Alyse can be found on Tiktok (@charityalyse), Instagram (@charity_alyse),, and YouTube. Her book can be preordered from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, and more.