Athlete Spotlight: Mason Markell

Mason Markell as he speaks about his golf season

Photo by Riley McMurphy

Mason Markell as he speaks about his golf season

Q. How did you get into golfing?
A. My friend actually got me into it when I was little, and just from there I started playing a lot.

Q. What reasons did you have for joining the team?
A. I don’t know, it’s fun. I have a lot of friends that do it as well, so why not.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish?
A. Shooting the 60s eventually, in highschool.

Q. Who or what motivates you the most when playing?
A. The people around me. If they’re playing well, I’m gonna play well.

Q. What makes you a great player for the golf team?
A. I don’t know, I like seeing other people do well, so.

Q. What are some basic golf terms that we should know?
A. ‘Par’ is even, ‘boogie’ is one over, ‘birdie’ is one under, ‘two shots on a par five’ is an albatross.

Q.How do you keep your cool on the course if you mess up?
A. Not saying anything.

Q. Do you do anything before a play to mentally prepare yourself?
A. Not really, I just kinda don’t think about it as much as I can.