Athlete Spotlight: Stephanie Clark


Provided by Stephanie Clark

Junior Stephanie Clark throwing shot put.

Q: When did you start doing track?
A: I started my freshman year. I did basketball freshman year so I didn’t do winter track that year, I just did spring track. I did so well my freshman year that next year I decided to do it for winter instead of basketball.

Q: Why did you choose track?
A: I decided to choose track because track feels so much like a family, nobody is judgy, and everyone is always there to pick you up and is there for you. I really love how you can just lean on their shoulders and how they would support you through anything.

Q: What do you do for track?
A: I throw shot put and discus. It’s a part of the field events.

Q: What is your favorite part about track?
A: My favorite part is the coaches and the people. I really love the coaches. Coach Jones is such an amazing coach and all the other coaches. Even though they aren’t for throwing they are all very supportive.

Q: What did you practice for track to make yourself better?
A: During winter we only have practice 3 days a week so I would go on the off days to throw, we would lift in the weight room, lifting outside of school with a personal trainer. During summer, off days, weekends, and breaks I would come to get some throws which help a lot. The technique is what you need to work on so without the extra practice you won’t be able to work to your full potential.

Q: What’s your biggest goal for track?
A: My biggest goal would be to win states before I graduate. My biggest goal for the team would be, as a team, for us to win states. I really want to win as a team.

Q: Are you trying to get a scholarship for throwing?
A: Yes, I am. I don’t have anywhere specific and I haven’t gone to look anywhere yet but I do know Oregon State is the top tier for track. If I got an offer from them I would probably cry. Thinking around here, I would say Virginia Tech would be nice. It doesn’t even have to be Division I, it could be Division II or III. I would like to go Division II or higher, but Division III is fine. With Division I and II you are signed as an athlete, but you are not with Division III.

Q: Who’s your biggest role model for track?
A: My biggest role model for track is this girl from Sherando High School, Ella Carlson. She threw for Sherando and she went to throw for William and Mary. I just strive to be like her and to her potential. She has been throwing since she was in middle school, so she has a couple years on me, but I just want to be like her when I get to that college level.