In Case You Missed It: An Overview of the Super Bowl LV

This year’s superbowl, we saw the clash of old and young. Patrick Mahomes with the Kansas City Chiefs and Tom Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went head to head on February 7 for the Lombardi trophy. This was the matchup everyone had been waiting for; Could Brady win his seventh ring against Mahomes and the previous Super Bowl champions?
Tension was high and the excitement was at a climax as the game started. When halftime came and the Chiefs, who had scored no touchdowns, were down 21-6, Chiefs fans hoped and prayed the second half performance would bring them back. However, the Bucs took this game and ran into the sunset with an ending score of 31-9.
The entire game, the Bucs defense was all over Mahomes; sacking him three times for 27 yards in losses, bringing Mahomes down to 26-of-49 passing for 270 yards and stealing two interceptions. A more accurate title would be Mahomes vs. Bucs and Chiefs with the way his team was playing.
With the Chiefs defense pulling flags left and right and the offense dropping Mahomes’ miracle passes, the game flew away from the Chiefs in a flash. Brady made it through Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Mahomes to win his seventh Super Bowl. He certainly secured his spot in the sports history books.