Varsity Boys’ Basketball Season Cut Off by COVID-19

Boys’ varsity basketball season was cut short this year due to a confirmed COVID-19 positive case. The team went into a 14 day quarantine and the COVID-postive player went into a ten day isolation period. The varsity team became ineligible for future practices, games and their postseason. Because the junior varsity (JV) team practices separately from the varsity team, JV completed their season and played the first District Tournament game in place of the Varsity team.
After being notified of the COVID-poisitve case, the team went forward to follow the Fauquier County Public Schools (FCPS) protocols set up by administration and the health department. Athletic trainer Bryan Grimley assisted the team through the process. “As a whole, we felt supported and as safe as possible in these uncertain times,” said basketball coach Wayne Brizzi.
Along with quarantining and isolating, the school performed a contact trace to determine who was considered a “close contact.” Grimley stated that quarantining and isolating can result in an athlete or a group of athletes being prohibited from competing.
“It is important to note that this is not a punishment, but a legally required process mandated by the Virginia Department of Health and is used to protect the health of our students, staff and our community at large,” said Grimley. “This has affected multiple individuals and teams not only at FHS, but in Fauquier County and in other schools across the state.”