Artist Spotlight: Kairi Esposito


Alec Crandall

Some of the many artworks that Kairi Esposito has made.

Art is a way for Kairi Esposito to express herself and to find herself. Esposito finds inspiration for her art from her sister, saying, “I remember thinking that I could never be as good as her.” Her sister works with markers, pencils and paints and was the one that got her into art originally.

Esposito comments on the job outlook for artists, saying, “Well there’s many fields of art. And many people make a living off of their art. And just like everything else, it’s something that you have a passion for. So it can be made into a profession just like any other job.”

Esposito does her art mostly with acrylic paints, and she prefers traditional art over digital. Her personal favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. Esposito’s favorite work from him is Starry Night.

As for schooling, Esposito does want to go to school for art, yet she doesn’t know what school would be right for her. When asked if she would like to do graphic design and/or animation, Esposito said that she would be open to learning it. “I’m really open to learning any kind of art,” she says. However, she doesn’t want to do calligraphy. “I’m not really a big fan of fancy writing. Especially since my writing is chicken-scratch,” Esposito said. She has never done any art classes. While art is a passion for Esposito, she does say that it’s just a hobby for now.

Esposito touches on the frustration that artists can often feel, saying, “Of course, every artist gets frustrated. It’s easy to have the urge to give up, because oftentimes you fail and you mess up. And you get discouraged, but you can’t give up, because you love it. If you love it you make it.”